Aviat Networks Website

More information on Aviat Networks and our products and services can be found at:



  1. this is great

  2. We still have LR1s in service, which were from the Farinon days–before Harris!

    I worked on a PT2000 once, which was between Newark and San Mateo substations in the bay area. That is as old as Farinon stuff gets!


  3. Microwave has sure come full circle. When I started in this biz as a consulting engineer in the 80s, it seemed that microwave was on the way out. Motorola left the biz and Lenkurt and several others. Fiber seemed to be the new transport. Then wireless services came along and simultaneoulsy companies experienced the promise of wireless services and the realities of fiber–physical vulnerability and right-of-way issues and microwave came roaring back. Now the pendulum is really swinging to the wireless side.

    It’s a wild ride!


  4. Condolences to all at Aviat , Dick Laine will be missed . He had such and understanding of Microwave path engineering that he could explain technical issues without making you feel like an idiot. I’m glad I got to meet Dick .

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