Free Microwave Path Engineering Software

Starlink Path Engineering ToolWe have been rolling out free microwave path engineering software to customers and partners in varying forms since 1986.  The present day Starlink software estimates multipath performance and rain availability for line-of-sight 5-38GHz digital microwave radio hops and it has been designed specifically for initial path estimates.

The recently released Starlink 5.1 features the complete Aviat Networks radio database of over 2000 radio configurations and antenna feeder systems. It has Google map display and supports Vigants-Barnett with geoclimatic c-factor or ITU-R K•Q factor, or ITU-R P.530-13 detailed link design with geoclimatic k-factor.

Starlink 5.1 is compatible with Windows 7, it offers automatic unzipping of equipment databases and GTOPO30 files.

Register to download Starlink 5.1 and find out more about it in the user guide.

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