March 11, 2021

Accelerating Network Turn-up Time

Accelerating Network Turn-up Time

In today’s increasingly connected world, speed is king. Companies that can react, adapt, plan, and execute quickly maximize the opportunities presented by change. However, speed in procurement is difficult to gain without a strong, reliable partner who recognizes the value of time and efficient order processing. A perfect example of this is with the partnership between ISPs and Aviat, quickly and efficiently meeting the growing needs of high-speed broadband in rural and underserved areas across the globe using the Aviat Store, a fast and efficient platform to buy microwave radios, antennas, licenses, and accessories online — completely self-serve.

How does the Aviat Store make procurement fast & simple?

Instant Quoting

Self-Service Quote and Ordering (including freight quotes!) – Available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Short Lead Times

Easily view inventory and expected lead times directly on the platform. Equipment ships as soon as “Next Day” in the U.S.*, less than 2 weeks delivery in select countries.


Streamline link planning by adding pre-configured kits to your cart in a single-click. 40+ kits available in the Aviat Store of popular WTM 4100, WTM 4200, and WTM 4800 combinations

Speed up your microwave network equipment purchasing with Aviat Kits in Aviat Store


Plan your deployment with “Split ship” capabilities*, changing or adding shipping contacts and addresses*, and obtain instant freight quotes with multiple transportation modes.

Flexible Payment Options

Choose from a variety of payment options including Credit Card, Wire transfer, or Purchase Order. Tired of paperwork? We get it! The Aviat Store now accepts Blanket Purchase Orders**, removing the need to manually generate a Purchase Order with every order. Once activated, you can quickly navigate through the billing information of future orders in as little as 2 clicks!

Order Tracking & Transparency

Easily track your orders on the “My Orders” page on the AviatCloud, where you can easily manage your open orders, view and even export order details such as Expected Ship Dates and tracking information.

Track your microwave network orders via AviatCloud

*Available in the U.S. only, Less than 2 weeks delivery in select countries.
** Subject to agreed upon terms and conditions. Please contact your local Aviat Sales Representative for more information on setting up a Blanket Purchase Order.

10% off your first order!

What’s better than making the radio buying process easier and faster? 10% off your first order! Use promo code AVNSTR10 (USD), EURSTR10 (EURO), or GBPSTR10 (GBP) when you place your first order.


Our Aviat Store includes the hottest radio inventory on the market, comprised of our entire WTM 4000 portfolio, our ultra-high capacity, all-outdoor microwave radio that’s purpose-built for SDN. This portfolio also includes our WTM 4800, the industry’s first and only single-box Multi-Band solution.

Get 10% off your first order of microwave network equipment in Aviat Store

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