August 23, 2018

B2B E-commerce: Why the Microwave Industry Needs It

B2B E-commerce: Why the Microwave Industry Needs It

Those familiar with the microwave industry can tell you that over the last 20 years (despite the evolution in mobile apps, cloud, automation) and apart from a few exceptions, there hasn’t been much change in the processes used to design, purchase, build, install, and maintain microwave networks. 

For years, the industry has maintained a “one-size-fits-all” approach to procurement of microwave radios and accessories but this approach is no longer convenient or optimal. Networks are evolving at a rapid rate so the entire process around network planning, procurement and deployment has to keep up and be delivered at a similar speed.

The benefits of online purchasing for customers can be summarized by speed and simplicity. For most customers, e-commerce is already a big part of their daily lives. Unlike today’s process, buying microwave hardware, software and services online provides instant quoting and ordering without delay. The quoting and ordering time can be transformed from weeks to minutes and next-day shipping capability ensures customers can purchase what they need, when they need it.

Why is now the right time?

With the introduction of all-outdoor radios, configurations are simple and easy to understand. On top of this, our customers are becoming more knowledgeable and oftentimes know what they need… and in many cases, are not always excited about talking to a salesperson. The time is right for self-service purchasing solutions in the microwave space.

In addition to our changing landscape, trends overall in the B2B e-commerce space are undeniable:

B2B E-commerce: Why the Microwave Industry Needs It

About Aviat Store

With this week’s release of Aviat Store, we’re taking a step toward revamping the way microwave is purchased.  Aviat Store is an online store with self-service quoting and purchasing of WTM 4000 radios, software licenses, antennas, and accessories. Aviat Store will include a comprehensive feature set including:

  • Intuitive product configurator to easily create bills of materials (BOM) for quoting and ordering
  • Quick links to product information, competitive comparisons, customer service, and support
  • Ability to track past orders and re-order functionality for ease of ordering past BOMs
  • Next-day shipping. Aviat Store will stock a select number of parts for next-day shipping and offer multiple delivery options
  • Flexible purchasing options including credit card, PO, or pre-paid (wire transfer)
  • Aviat Store is available to customers in the USA to start and some international regions in coming quarters

Other Automation Applications:

Aviat Store is accessible from Customers will have a single interface and sign-on for all of Aviat’s automation applications including design, store, manage and customer service and support. For example, ability to design then buy microwave from a single intuitive tool is simple, fast and just makes sense.


B2B E-commerce: Why the Microwave Industry Needs It

In summary, with B2B e-commerce, customers get faster quoting, purchasing and deliveries while dealing directly with the vendor, ensuring lowest pricing and unparalleled customer service and support. In the end, making life easier for microwave customers is what it’s all about.

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