November 30, 2021

Designing Microwave Links from any Vendor Just Got Easier –and FREE

Designing Microwave Links from any Vendor Just Got Easier –and FREE


Aviat Design is a unique cloud-based microwave link design tool that can now be used to perform link calculations using radio and antenna equipment from Aviat and any other vendor. Aviat Design is ideal for initial path designs or detailed engineering analysis and is free-to-use at

Microwave Link Design –What are the Options?

Not so long ago, designing microwave links used to be a “”black ”art”, performed by extremely experienced engineers using tools often of their own designs or from first principles – either way not very accessible or user-friendly to novice designers. Today, however, many of these microwave design experts have retired, and there has been significant growth in the number of tools available for a microwave engineer or others who need to design a microwave link.But how do you choose the tool to use to meet your specific needs and skill level?

Option 1 –Subscription-Based Programs–Complex and Costly

There are numerous subscription-based “”full-”featured” tools like Pathloss, Mentum,and Atoll, with per-seat charges that can be expensive, particularly for smaller operators and ISPs to afford. Intended for use by experienced engineers, these tools can be complicated for the average user, but include an array of features, including interference planning, and can support link planning for microwave radios from any vendor. They are available primarily for desktop use, so need to be updated regularly with new software downloads and upgrades. Some have platform limitations, for example not supporting certain operating systems (e.g.,MAC),or portable devices such as tablets and smartphones. It’s also not possible to share designs with customers or colleagues unless they are also -subscribers. Moreover, some tools have not kept pace with new feature demands such as FCC integration, MIMO,and Multi-Band.

Option 2 –Basic Programs – Free, Easy to Use, but Limited

Over the years,various microwave vendors have developed free, usually cloud-based tools targeted at the more occasional microwave link designer, often to give a quick and easy estimate of the link availability and antenna size needed. These tools only support the vendors’ own products, which may be very a narrow application (e.g.,unlicensed microwave or E-Band only). These “basic” tools often lack the robust standards-based algorithms, so are not suitable for link designs in demanding conditions, where multi-path fading or other anomalous link issues could be common, so designers may have to turn to a subscription-based tool to do the final design. Free tools also do not include the detailed equipment databases necessary for accurate engineering calculations, and lack the advanced features and scalability needed for more advanced design tasks. Basically,they offer ease of use, convenience,and simplicity, but do not support third-party radios and fall short in other capabilities.

Option 3 –Aviat Design –The Best of Options 1 and 2

Aviat Design is an advanced link design tool that is free to access and use at Because it is cloud-based, there is nothing to download, so it is always up-to-date with the latest features and can be used on any web browser on any device.The tool has an intuitive GUI that enables link designs in just a few clicks, that can then be easily shared with colleagues and customers.

  • Supports advanced link configurations, such as LOS MIMO, Multi-Band, A2C,and Aviat A2C+
  • Google maps integration
  • Path profile with auto antenna high optimization
  • Clutter layer with adjustable heights
  • No map or environmental settings-save up to 40% in designtime
  • Strong engineering capability, comparable to subscription-based tools

Aviat Design Feature Comparison to Subscription-Based and Free Online Tools

Tool NameDesigned for
Free to UseDatabase CapabilityMulti-VendorEase of UseScalabilityCloud-BasedFCC Layer
(US Only)
LOS MIMOMulti-BandInterference Analysis
Aviat Design           [1]
IQLink XG           
MW Vendor Tools           

[1] Planned for future release

Design Microwave Links from any Manufacturer

Recent enhancements to Aviat Design include the ability to design links with from any microwave or mmwave equipment vendor, including antennas and waveguide. This is unique for a free online tool and is usually only available with subscription-based tools.Users can import equipment information directly into the Aviat Design equipment database from templates such as PL5 text files or can be entered manually. Once uploaded, information is available only to the customer who uploaded the files. Third-party data is accessible to guest users in shared projects.

Integrated FCC Support (US Only)

Aviat Design now supports integrated FCC functions that enable US users to display all other licensed links in a dedicated map layer within a user-defined radius of the newly designed link. License information is updated weekly from FCC website. Users can then generate PDF/CSV reports from Aviat Design that can then be submitted directly to the FCC for link coordination.

The Aviat Advantage

We have made it our mission to simplify our customers’ lives by offering best-of-breed wireless transport systems and software, along with tools that make buying, designing, installing, and managing wireless infrastructure easier and less costly. Aviat Design is one such example of fulfilling this mission.

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