January 20, 2023

From TDM to IP/MPLS: How Public Safety Networks are Keeping Up with Technology

From TDM to IP/MPLS: How Public Safety Networks are Keeping Up with Technology

As technology advances, public safety transport networks are facing the challenge of keeping up with the new requirements for fast and reliable connectivity for emergency responders and everyday operations. In the past, Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM) networks were used for their reliability and low latency, however, as technology surpasses the capabilities of TDM, public safety operators are now migrating to IP/MPLS networks for their scalability, resiliency, and advanced network virtualization schemes.

CTR 8740 and MPLS

One of the key equipment for public safety networks is a high-quality IP/MPLS router, such as Aviat’s CTR 8740, that can quickly migrate to IP/MPLS, build, scale, and manage mission-critical networks under one Network Management System (NMS). The CTR 8740 provides advanced transport router capabilities using MPLS, which is optimized and simplified with Segment Routing, and added resiliency features such as High Availability support and strong security.

To understand the full capabilities of the CTR8740 with MPLS technology and how it can enhance network virtualization, traffic management, and resiliency for mission-critical communications, download our white paper now. It will provide you with an in-depth look at the benefits of MPLS technology and how it can optimize your public transport network for rapid emergency responses and reliable everyday operations.

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