May 31, 2016

Getting it Done! Aviat & Australia Public Safety Networks

The public safety market has relied for many years on Aviat Networks to be a supplier of mission-critical microwave backhaul equipment. For example, since the introduction of the Eclipse microwave radio a few years ago, it has been received very successfully in the Australia public safety market. In the last five years, Aviat has sold and deployed thousands of radios (i.e., TRs) in the public safety and life critical radio ecosystem.

“The cutting-edge Gigabit Ethernet and IP capabilities of Eclipse were critical for Australia government agencies,” says Raj Kumar, vice president, sales and services, Asia Pacific, Aviat Networks. “As radio sites rolled out across Australia, Eclipse has enabled efficient deployment of multiple radio carriers in a single chassis—a mission-critical advantage for the simulcast trunking sites.”

Photo credit: Sidneiensis via / CC BY

Photo credit: Sidneiensis via / CC BY

Overall, Eclipse radio links deliver mission-critical microwave backhaul for many government agencies in Australia across multiple millions of square kilometers with links covering hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Working through a solid relationship with Motorola Australia, these long backhaul networks connect some of the most remote and rural outposts in Australia to emergency services networks for the first time.

More than 5,000 public safety personnel, some in the most remote and rural areas, are served by integrated emergency services networks enabling them to be seamlessly connected across agencies and allowing them to better fight crime and fires, respond to emergencies and save lives all over Australia.

Now Aviat has begun to deploy its CTR microwave routers, which integrate the functionality of a microwave radio with that of an IP router, in the Australian public safety market. The potential is even greater than that of the Eclipse radio.

“We are well seasoned to work in this market with huge deployments globally,” says Brendan Cochrane, Australia country manager, Aviat Networks. “Why Aviat for Public Safety? It is a about ‘-able’ —Super Reliable, Projectable, Manageable, Expandable, Local Support Is Always Available.”

Some key features are a must for public safety networks and upgrades of older networks. A new deployment is quite different from an upgrade because with an upgrade you need to bring the new network up side-by-side with the old network. This brings huge changes and often requires products that offer flexibility and key features to help make this easy and possible. Aviat ticks all the boxes!

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