Super Bowl of Wireless: Phones at Microwave

Super Bowl of Wireless: Phones at Microwave

Super-Bowl-2-of-Wireless-Phones-vs-Aviat-Microwave-Radios-February-5-2016Here at Aviat Networks we have the privilege of extremely close proximity to the site of Super Bowl 50, at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. We are about a half mile away and from our building parking lot we can clearly see the venue where the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos will clash for the championship of American professional football.

And while hundreds of millions of Americans and hundreds of millions more people around the world will watch the game raptly on television, 75,000-plus fans at the ballpark will see it in person. Not only will they watch it with their own eyes but also use their iPhones, iPads and Android smart devices to tweet, post YouTube and Vine videos or otherwise cheer or jeer the real-time action of the game on Facebook.

What many don’t know concerns the game within the game: how all this wireless data will get out of the stadium to the mobile service provider networks and finally onto the Internet and social media. As it turns out, Aviat Networks will also have an up-close virtual seat to this tilt of the cellular subscribers vs. their wireless carriers.

To help the operators, Aviat’s microwave radios have been installed at permanent cell sites close to the stadium to offload the in-house wifi network and those subscribers using 3G and LTE to backhaul mobile traffic coming from basestation equipment to the provider networks. In addition, several COWs (i.e., Cellsites-on-Wheels) have been temporarily set up near the stadium and surrounding Bay Area venues to add extra capacity, and Aviat radios will also be active with these to backhaul their mobile traffic.

Overall, Aviat radios will be utilized by two providers at the site of the Big Game to backhaul user mobile data—and even the odd phone call. Also Aviat’s radios will be used in the local first responder public safety network to support its communications in case of trouble.

In this sports confrontation, the stakes are high on and off the field. Especially off the field, with some estimates of total mobile data traffic from the game site from first whistle to final gun going as high as six to seven terabytes! However, unlike the outcome of the football game, we already know who will win in the faceoff of users and their phones vs. providers and microwave radios.

Our advice: give the points and take the providers. And like in the ABBA song “Waterloo” about another historic high-risk test of wills, the users won’t really care about coming out on top, because they’ll feel like they win when they lose!

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