April 13, 2023

Out with Backorders, in with Aviat: The Microwave Link Provider That Delivers on Time

Out with Backorders, in with Aviat: The Microwave Link Provider That Delivers on Time

Out with Backorders, in with Aviat: The Microwave Link Provider That Delivers on Time

In today’s fast-paced world, high-speed internet connectivity is crucial for businesses. To keep their networks operational, service providers must efficiently deploy microwave links. Unfortunately, backorders from manufacturers often create challenges, negatively affecting business growth and scalability.

Service providers typically register a Prior Coordination Notice (PCN) with the FCC, specifying the equipment they intend to deploy. When the chosen equipment is on backorder, manufacturers may take weeks or even months to deliver, impacting the provider’s ability to deploy networks on time and resulting in frustrated customers and lost revenue.

Discover Unparalleled Efficiency with Aviat Networks: Your Reliable Source for Ready-to-Ship Equipment and Simplified Link Building

Aviat Networks stands out in the industry. As an American company, Aviat boasts a large inventory, including hundreds of WTM 4000 series links ready to ship the next business day. This allows service providers to rely on Aviat for timely equipment delivery. Even if the desired item is not in stock, Aviat’s lead times are typically just a few weeks.

With ample stock and swift lead times, Aviat enables service providers to deploy their networks quickly and efficiently, meeting customer needs and facilitating business growth.

The Aviat Store simplifies the process even further with the Link Builder. By filling out a few fields, service providers can quickly generate a Bill of Materials (BoM) and streamline their equipment procurement.

Moreover, Aviat’s commitment to customers goes beyond rapid delivery. The company also offers exceptional customer service and technical support to help maintain networks. Furthermore, Aviat is prepared to assist with changing the PCN and covering any associated fees, ensuring service providers can access the equipment they need without delay.

Here’s how Aviat can help with changing your PCN:

    1. Contact Aviat, and they will connect you with an expert.
    2. Their experts will collaborate with FCC coordinators to modify the equipment on the PCN.
    3. Aviat will credit any costs associated with changing the PCN to their equipment.
    4. Your equipment will be delivered, and you’ll be ready to deploy!

*Limit of $800 credit per link purchased
**PCN modifications must be coordinated through an Aviat Sales Representative


Say Goodbye to Backorders and Hello to High-Speed Connectivity and Simplified Processes!

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