Wireless ‘Feel Good’ Factor

It has been satisfying to help a ‘go-getting’ wireless company from down-under win an award recently. Adelaide-based MIMP Connecting Solutions won the environment and energy efficiency category at the NECA (National Electrical and Communication Association) excellence awards using our Eclipse microwave radios.

MIMP won the award with a unique comms solution that links the Adelaide Zoo with the Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to 100 species of birds and native mammals, most of which are nocturnal and endangered.

The Zoo’s old system ran at 256 kilobit-per-second at a very high cost until MIMP installed four environmentally friendly microwave radios. They now have a 32 Mb/s full-duplex connection between the sites with minimal ongoing costs. Now, the radios use less power than a light bulb.

ODU in a tree

Can you find the Eclipse ODU?

Warrawong offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the Australian bush and wildlife in a protected habitat. By installing the radios with specially designed tree mounts and cleverly concealing the cabling, the team was able to reduce visual pollution in the stunningly beautiful environment.

Tony Russo, the Zoos SA Chief Financial Officer said a rapid return on investment was important, and the MIMP team delivered. The zoo will recoup its initial cost of purchasing and installing the microwave system in less than 18 months compared to their existing monthly leased line charges, and will save nearly $50,000 each year after that in operational expenses.

The project has been a win-win for everyone concerned and is another great example of wireless ‘feel good’ factor.

Mike Eddy
B2B Online Marketing Manager

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