November 14, 2022

Give your installed microwave links a 10 Gbps boost with Aviat’s Vendor Agnostic Multi-Band

Give your installed microwave links a 10 Gbps boost with Aviat’s Vendor Agnostic Multi-Band
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Most operators looking to deploy 5G are facing the same problem. Their legacy transport and backhaul infrastructure designed for 3G/4G cannot support the high capacity demands of 5G and upgrading their networks requires large investments in time and infrastructure. As more 5G networks are rolled out, limited company resources can become strained in what seems like an endless flow of cash and time. In addition, the complexity of these projects causes delays and ultimately deadlines to be missed.

The Challenge of 5G

The major challenge operators are facing as they are looking to upgrade to 5G is that current methods to significantly increase link capacity can involve expensive equipment upgrades and long installation projects. This can have devastating effects on profitability and competitiveness in the race to build the next generation network, especially for the smaller operator.

Aviat’s Simple Solution

At Aviat, we have gained an understanding of the challenges operators face when deploying 5G networks by working hand in hand with our customers. That’s how we knew the industry needed a solution that could take an existing 4G backhaul and add significant capacity without significantly impacting the bottom line.

Our solution is simple, a Vendor Agnostic Multi-Band, or MB-VA overlay. This works by overlaying a new high-capacity E-Band or Multi-Band on top of the existing microwave link to add up to 10 Gbps per link. Deploying Aviat’s MB-VA saves the initial investment on the existing backhaul, reduces the expense of upgrading microwave, and reduces operational expenses while preparing your network for the 5G future.

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