Whitepaper: High Capacity + Availability: Multi-Band is the right solution for 5G backhaul

Author: Stuart Little, Director, International Product Line Marketing

Multi-Band, not microwave or millimeter-wave, is the solution for 5G Backhaul.

Why? Microwave bands are limited in capacity, particularly in countries and bands where spectrum is limited due to congestion. Even if you can get additional frequencies, scaling capacity means aggregating multiple channels that results in high equipment costs and potentially expensive recurring spectrum fees. E-Band alone is not sufficient either. With more bandwidth available that enables higher capacities, E-Band suffers from a number of potential limitations, from short link distances and high susceptibility to rain outage and pole/tower sway to difficult and time-consuming installation/antenna alignment.

Multi-Band solves all these problems. With up to 10 Gbit/s capacity, link distances that can reach up to 10 km, easy antenna alignment and immunity from tower movement effects, and now available in an integrated single outdoor unit and direct-mount antenna, Multi-Band has never been simpler or more convenient to use. So, don’t limit yourself to just deploying capacity limited microwave links or availability and distance-limited E-Band links. Multi-Band combines the best of each solution.

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