How to protect mission critical communication links from Wi-Fi 6E interference

Point-to-point microwaves links are the de facto standard for connecting infrastructure over vast distances quickly and cost-effectively. Lower frequencies, like 6 GHz, allows a network to span long distances with high capacity while maintaining robust availability, especially during rain fade. These characteristics have led to rapid, widespread adoption with more than 40000 links in the 6 GHz frequency band deployed across the US.

Now that the FCC has opened this spectrum to Wi-Fi 6e and other unlicensed devices used in tandem with the fixed wireless services – the possibility of interference has been greatly increased. The use of an AFC or Automated Frequency Control system was proposed but this would rely heavily on accurate records being available for all regions and that these records be meticulously maintained which still leaves operators using 6 GHz licensed microwaves at risk.

FCC Expanded Unlicensed Use of the 6 Gigahertz Band

You will find the table below on page 9 of the Report and Order – FCC Opens 6 GHz Band to Wi-Fi and Other Unlicensed Uses.

FCC Expanded Unlicensed Use of the 6 Gigahertz Band

What can be done to safeguard your network and investment? Get FAS!!

Aviat has launched our new FAS Expert System to help protect networks in the 6 GHz and other bands from interference. Integrated into ProVision Plus, FAS incorporates Aviat’s popular paperless chart recorder (PCR) application to simplify root cause analysis and isolate and analyze interference events with a single click of the mouse. FAS has an innovative algorithm that allows Aviat customers to baseline their networks before unlicensed 6 GHz rules go into effect so customers can see the effect of interference over time.


  1. Prevent outages – identify issues BEFORE they become real problems
  2. Protect yourself with data
    • Report on and trend your network over time
    • Isolate problem links, find the interferers and remediate issues
    • FAS lets you baseline your network to understand base case and impacts over time. Deploy now before unlicensed devices proliferate
  3. Manage your network from anywhere, anytime. With FAS you also get web-based management (for layer 1) and a management platform for the future (all new Aviat apps build on ProVision Plus)

Key features:

  • Interference analysis and alarms
  • Interference trends by network/link
  • Detailed and executive reports
  • Paperless chart recorder (PCR) integrated into FAS app for further analysis

Monitor 6 GHz RLAN unlicensed interference with Aviat's FAS software app


Conclusion: Aviat’s FAS Expert System software is custom built to monitor and detect interference, perform trend analysis of the network over time to track the growth of interference, and isolate problem links often before noticeable impacts occur.

Contact an Aviat representative to discuss how to get our FAS Expert System and protect your mission critical microwave links from interference.

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