Multi-Band in the Real World – Case Study of Aviat’s Single Box Multi-Band Link

Aviat Networks is pleased to announce that its new WTM 4815 multi-band backhaul solution has passed its first real world deployment with flying colors. The unit sailed through a battery of benchmarks under challenging weather conditions in a tropical climate. The link used the WTM 4815’s 80 GHz (E-Band) and 15 GHz (millimeter band) frequencies to deliver the best of both worlds over the link—a leap forward in capacity and throughput on one hand and enhanced link stability on the other.

Why was this milestone important? And what’s at stake for this new product? Simply put, it’s one of the pioneering developments in backhaul networking in recent years. It increases capacity to 10 Gbps using E-Band, improves millimeter wave reliability, and significantly lowers total cost of ownership. All this in a single compact unit, using a single antenna.

The live deployment was validated via a comprehensive set of test cases that measured the performance of the unit over a working link in a point-to-point configuration under atmospheric conditions that were often challenging. If you’d like to read the full analysis of the live deployment, click below.

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