Did you know? …combining a microwave and millimeter wave solution can achieve significant savings on spectrum costs

Did you know? ...combining a microwave and millimeter wave solution can achieve significant savings on spectrum costs

Microwave spectrum cost is one of the largest TCO elements in many countries around the world, and as capacity demands grow, more spectrum is required. By combining a microwave and millimeter wave solution in the same product, like with Multiband radio, customers can achieve significant savings on spectrum costs.

Traffic can be offloaded from costly microwave spectrum onto a less expensive millimeter wave band while still maintaining the trusted reliability of microwave. In this case, compared with a microwave only solution where all 2 Gbps must be carried over expensive microwave spectrum, a lower TCO solution can be achieved using E-band and only taking 0.5 Gbps on costly microwave spectrum. E-band spectrum is 10x cheaper in many countries.

How does this apply to your network solution? Answer the following questions using yes/no:

  • Backhaul capacity demands are rapidly growing in my network
  • I pay high spectrum fees for my microwave links
  • Obtaining more microwave channels is a huge problem
  • E-Band is available, and the spectrum fees charged are (much) lower
  • Many links in my network are less than 10 km

If you answered YES to more than one of these questions, switching to single-box multi-band could save you up to $10K per link over 3 years. Try our spectrum savings calculator to see how much you could save – give it a try now!

Spectrum Savings Calculator

Lowering microwave spectrum cost with multi-band

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Millimeter Wave Microwave

Your current microwave spectrum cost is:


Your spectrum cost with Multi-Band could be:


Your estimated spectrum savings

(at the end of 3 years)


Too good to be true? It’s not!

Aviat has the only single-box multiband radio solution on the market, which can lower your spectrum costs and other elements of the TCO.

Talk to one of our representatives to get more details on our single-box Multiband radio solution. Don’t forget to try Aviat Design, our free link planner and path analysis tool when designing your next microwave network.

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