September 24, 2019

New enhancements for the Eclipse and IRU 600

New enhancements for the Eclipse and IRU 600

Both Eclipse and the IRU 600 offer market-leading solutions to network operators who need robust, flexible features such as extra high power (EHP), hybrid transport of TDM and IP traffic, superior system gain, and the latest security technologies.

In both products, the enhancements consist of new firmware added to existing modules. The firmware is a highly efficient way to enable true native transport of both TDM and IP traffic. It’s like having two radios (from two different technology eras) moving traffic seamlessly across the same network expanse—without the cost of two radio systems and with easy, cost-effective new ways to migrate your network to current transport technologies over time.

For North American and global applications, Eclipse enhancements enable the latest services that data-centric carriers offer while maintaining TDM-based services to legacy customers. Network operators get maximum versatility: a wider set of channels and the ability to assign bandwidth flexibly between SONET and Ethernet services.

For North American applications, the IRU 600 offers the highest transmission power, performance, reliability, and capacity and the most secure solution for mission-critical microwave. The enhancements widen the IRU 600’s system gain leadership across both legacy TDM and advanced IP network segments.

Key enhancements

Aviat is currently designing networks with the following enhancements:

  • Simultaneous support for SONET and Ethernet. Eclipse radios can now transport both SONET and Ethernet traffic, making it the industry’s leading solution for seamless migration to IP networks with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). In SONET operation, OC-3 services can be assured alongside Ethernet traffic. With over 700 Mbps of airlink throughput in a single 80 MHz channel, this new capability enables multiple OC-3 streams to be combined with Ethernet data over a single microwave channel, thus maximizing capacity for both TDM and IP.
  • Significantly improved security. To meet the most stringent security standards, Eclipse radios now support Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 2 validation—the industry’s most advanced standard for telecom equipment. A requirement for most U.S. federal government deployments, FIPS is also becoming mandatory for many other mission-critical networks.
  • Improved System Gain. Aviat has extended its industry-leading system gain performance on the IRU 600 radio platform by approximately 1.5 dB across all modulations in the 6 GHz and 11 GHz bands. Higher system gain enables network operators to take advantage of higher reliability, longer links, and smaller antennas—all essential features of mission-critical networks.

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Native SONET and Native Ethernet Support

What this means for you

Both Eclipse and the IRU 600 have led the way for many years in supplying high-performance microwave platforms to public safety, utility, the federal government, and other mission-critical applications. Now, with more seamless and efficient hybrid networking, even higher transmission power, enhanced security, and improved system gain, Aviat Networks takes airlink performance, capacity, reliability, flexibility, security, and low cost of ownership advantages to new levels. With new enhancements to its Eclipse and IRU 600 platforms for public safety, utility, the federal government, and other mission-critical applications, Aviat Networks has widened its industry leadership in advanced, high-functioning microwave network solutions.

Talk to one of our representatives to get more details on how an enhanced Aviat Eclipse or IRU 600 can bring those advantages into your network.

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