November 17, 2017

Top 10 Pains of Operating Networks

Top 10 Pains of Operating Networks

Today’s networks are becoming more complex and difficult to manage. With reductions in budgets and skilled resources, many network operators are looking to outsource their operations to vendors with advanced network operations capabilities. Maintaining non-core functions, such as network operation centers (NOCs), is often not the best use of operator resources – and detracts from a focus on their core business – their customers. Below are the top 10 pains of operating networks which cause operators to look to outsource network operations:

#1 OPEX: Large and Rising

Organizations are searching for new business models to remain competitive and survive budget cuts. Vendor- or partner-supplied managed services can cut OPEX costs, since operations can be outsourced less expensively than providing their own support.

#2 Network Management and Growing Your Business

Telecom companies and businesses are increasingly concerned about their core competencies, such as customer relations and new services. Operating a network can cloud this focus. Outsourcing the network and concentrating on the business is more cost effective and a better way to grow the business.

#3 Low Customer Satisfaction

Delivering on promised services, outstanding customer care, and a trouble-free network lead to customer satisfaction. Outsourcing operations to network management vendors is one of the best ways to offer unified management, with faster, more proactive problem resolution that has far less impact to users.

#4 Network Is Not Future Proof

Entering new markets successfully relies heavily on service time to market. Meeting the aggressive timelines stipulated by broadband stimulus funding can also be challenging. Vendors and partners who deliver end-to-end solutions can help you reach those goals.

#5 Network Upgrade Disruptions

Outsourced service assurance solutions can help organizations manage convergence and maintain network visibility throughout a network upgrade. They manage SLAs to avoid user impact and use their heavy experience to help grow the network quickly and efficiently.

#6 Wrong Tools, Processes, and People

The right system tools, personnel, and costs are critical for managing a network. Outsourced integrated management, with trouble ticketing, performance management, workforce management, and other systems, are critical for maximizing uptime and providing great customer service.

#7 Network Inefficiency

Down time and quick repairs are always critical. Integrated management, with real-time performance views and daily reports on network health, are critical. Reports enable operators to manage a network reactively and proactively. This minimizes downtime, maximizes efficiency, and helps plan for capacity change.

#8 Shaky Network Security

Advanced, integrated surveillance tools enable third-party NOC operators to address intrusions in real time. Solutions include dispatching police and other responsible third parties. NOC operators also have the latest virus protection updates to ensure the network is protected from unauthorized access.

#9 No Disaster Recovery Plan

Many businesses and operators do not have a reliable backup solution or disaster recovery plan. This can result in loss of customers and market share. Third-party NOC operators can deliver a solid plan that avoids downtime, via network redundancy, and comes online faster after a natural disaster or networking event.

#10 No Regulatory and Compliance Support

The growing number of industry and federal regulations can be daunting. Leading NOC operators typically possess the expertise needed for compliance. Outsourcing to trained, experienced NOC operations relieves organizations of the training, knowledge, and operational practices needed for compliance.

As these 10 pain points indicate, maintaining non-core functions, such as NOCs, is not the best use of a company’s resources. Organizations using managed services are discovering new cost savings, better service delivery, and more freedom to focus on the business.

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