February 20, 2020

Private LTE – why now?

private lte - why now
With the evolution of new spectrum, IoT automation, and secure communications, private wireless could be 2x bigger than commercial wireless.

Why are enterprises investing in private LTE?

  • Existing WI-FI networks are okay
  • Adding more capacity / bandwidth
  • Adding IoT use cases
  • Longer range of POS devices
  • Improved security

Source: Nemertes Research study of 302 companies, 2019

A new breed of transport for backhaul is required

The advancement of applications, services, and demands on private broadband networks are creating new requirements for coverage and agility, which will require a new breed of transport for backhaul. The backhaul network has to be smarter, simpler and more cost-effective to be able to handle the challenge of connecting any device, anywhere. Interconnecting critical IoT devices require spectrum agility, bandwidth scalability, and hardened security capabilities and while these are critical for network performance and functionality, the backhaul network is even more critical. Backhaul amplifies the necessity for scalability and capability because of the aggregation of node and IoT device traffic it carries.

Reasons for deploying a private LTE network

Reasons for deploying an Aviat private LTE network
  • Other 1%
  • IoT 35%
  • Voice, Video-conf 30%
  • Office LAN 16%
  • PoS Devices 18%

Source: Mobile Experts

Aviat’s solutions to meeting the private LTE challenge

From cost-effective all-outdoor radios to high power all-indoor radios, and innovative new multi-band offerings, Aviat has the complete portfolio of mission-critical radios so you can bring your LTE anywhere and connect any device.

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