November 14, 2018

Space Diversity and Lowering TCO

Space Diversity and Lowering TCO

By Stuart Little, Director of International Product Line Marketing, US

Space diversity has been an important feature in long haul microwave systems for many years to counteract the effects of multi-path fading. Space diversity enables very long links over highly reflective surfaces such as bodies of water for example, where a non-diversity link would not deliver the high availability required.

However, most operators are striving to lower their microwave TCO, specifically site and tower related costs, so the requirement for space diversity links to have an second antenna at each site is coming under increased scrutiny.

This paper describes the traditional space diversity and diversity combining techniques and examines several ‘new’ techniques to reduce site requirements and improve diversity link performance to decrease overall costs. This includes three-antenna diversity and transmit diversity (also known as ‘Advanced Space Diversity’).


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