September 7, 2016

8 Benefits of Converging Microwave and IP Router Functionality

For a couple years, Aviat Networks has been talking about the benefits of a converged system encompassing the functionality of microwave radios and IP routers to result in a microwave router. Simply known as the Aviat CTR platform, this next-generation microwave router delivers eight key benefits that make designing and implementing a modern backhaul network easier and more cost effective than ever:

  1. CTR offers up to 43 percent latency reduction compared to other microwave solutions.One QoS configuration policy and IP management platform
  2. 50 percent lower installation costs than typical backhaul configurations
  3. 50 percent decreased power consumption
  4. 30 percent reduction in network administration overhead
  5. Up to 43 percent reduction in latency
  6. Layer 3 awareness (via adaptive media awareness)
  7. Better performance and fault recovery than standard microwave radios
  8. Integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability

With all these robust benefits, the Aviat CTR platform can enable a new flat network architecture for VPN services for enterprise, government and mobile. All of this on one network. For a closer look, click on the infographic. Or for further information, please contact us.


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