State-Wide Microwave Network Case Study: Extra High Power Radios

This large western US state had a longtime relationship with a microwave radio vendor and would have continued buying from them if their radios and support evolved with the State’s needs. However, over time its needs changed and it had to have more capabilities from its communications network. But it did not want to unnecessarily build new sites and erect costly new towers. It also could not afford to add more really large microwave dishes to towers that were already close to overload—some of which can be 8- or 10-feet in diameter. Even if existing infrastructure is used exclusively, these heavyweights of the antenna world would require that current towers receive costly reinforcement upgrades.

Using extra high power (EHP) radios, which offer up to +9.5dB system gain advantage over relevant competitor offerings, the state was able to reduce the number of antennas by over 9% and a 47% reduction in antenna related costs for a total savings of over $530,000.

Please see attached paper for all the details.

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