June 27, 2017

Multi-Gigabit Microwave Networks

Multi-Gigabit Microwave Networks

Options and Strategies for Maximizing Your Network Potential

In recent years the microwave industry has made great progress in capacity evolution – actually we’ve seen somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 times increase in microwave capacity over the past 10 years. In doing so, microwave has proven itself to meet the capacity of LTE and LTE-A applications and with some new evolutions to enable multi-gigabit links, is now well positioned for 5G as well.


WTM 4000 All Outdoor Radio

Taking advantage of strategies to grow microwave capacity, Aviat has released the highest capacity microwave radio ever built – the WTM 4000 all-outdoor IP/SDN radio.

The evolution of microwave capacity can be summarized in 3 main areas:

  1. Better Spectral Efficiency: such as higher modulation, and frequency reuse techniques
  2. More Spectrum: through the use of multiple and wider channels
  3. More “Effective” Throughput: using the bandwidth you have more effectively through compression and optimization

With new ideas like multi-band and multi-channel, we have roadmap to 10Gbps in modern microwave systems.

In fact, Aviat has recently conducted a webinar with TMCnet on this very topic. This informative webinar reviews current techniques to maximize capacity of microwave systems and looks at pros and cons of each approach so you can achieve your network’s full potential. This session also briefly introduces Aviat’s new microwave product, WTM 4000 – the highest capacity microwave radio ever built.

Click below to access the on-demand presentation and learn how to increase your microwave capacity today. (Registration required)

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