Cloud Computing is Demanding Bandwidth

Cloud Computing is Demanding BandwidthAll I can say is watch out Mr. Mobile Operator. Google just launched their new Google Drive, a cloud-based product that replaces Google Docs. Drive adds the capability to essentially push all of your documents from various locations to the cloud for collaboration and synchronization to any device. This puts Google’s cloud-based capability on par with Apple’s iCloud service launched last year.

With the massive number of smartphones on the market and somewhere north of 45% being Android-based, this adds even more cloud-enabled devices to the mobile network. We’re talking about photos, videos, documents, etc… any type of file can be uploaded to your Drive on Android-based phones.

Add this to expanded/simplified Dropbox services, Microsoft’s SkyDrive that now provides 7GB of free storage and the many cloud storage products, and you’ve got a ton of data flowing across the mobile network in both directions (e.g. uplink and downlink).

Services like this will continue to fuel the subscriber appetite for more and more feature rich services at the same time fueling demand for ever increasing amounts of raw bandwidth all the way to the edge of the network. Those 8 megapixel photos or 1080P videos most newer smartphones take use a lot of space and therefore lots of bandwidth.

Steven Loebrich
Director, Partner and Solutions Marketing
Aviat Networks

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