August 15, 2019

Design Your Multi-Band Links in AviatCloud

Design Your Multi-Band Links in AviatCloud

Aviat Design, Aviat’s cloud-based link planning application, supports WTM 4800 E-Band and Multi-band designs. Aviat Design is the industry’s first and only integrated Multi-band link design solution showing a combined view of availability and capacity for the link. This enables easy, fast, intuitive E-Band and Multi-Band designs (all specs included, no pathloss files to download or update, easy cloud access). Popular design tools will require 2 separate link calculations for Multi-Band, and will not result in a combined design for the link, making it virtually impossible to understand the expected link performance or capacity or estimate the proper antenna size. Aviat Design is FREE for use at

Watch the video below to learn how to design your Multi-Band links in AviatCloud!

For more info please see below links:

WTM 4800 E-Band and Multi-Band Radio Platform

Design Your Multi-Band Links in AviatCloud
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