Ovum Insights: Mission-critical applications drive 5G transport requirements

by Don Frey, Principal Analyst, Transport and Routing

5G network services promise higher-speed connections, greater reliability, and low latency. Industrial applications will drive new mobile IoT applications that support mission-critical applications. These demands have led to the development of 5G, built to support an abundance of IoT, higher capacity, and very low latency connections. Service providers have started upgrades of their transport networks for 5G capacity, but there are many challenges to overcome. Multi-Band microwave will be one of the solutions to address these challenges.

Mission-critical applications drive the need for highly reliable transport. These applications will be supported in the second 5G standard release, which will complete in 2020. These applications range from electrical grid, industrial automation, and smart cities, to autonomous cars and medical applications. These applications will push the network in bandwidth and drive the requirement for low latency and reliable transport.

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