October 2, 2019

Top 10 Benefits of a One-Box Multi-Band Solution

Top 10 Benefits of a One-Box Multi-Band Solution

Author: Stuart Little, Director, International Product Line Marketing

Have you heard the buzz about Multi-Band? Multi-Band combines traditional microwave channel alongside an E-Band (80 GHz) channel, joining the capacity of the latter with the high availability of the former. Multi-Band makes E-Band carrier-class over longer distances, making it a much more viable and deployable solution for 5G backhaul.

Most Multi-Band solutions on the market require multiple components and boxes to function. But Aviat has the only Multi-Band solution that comes in a single outdoor box. Why is this essential? What are the benefits of a one-box solution?

Below are the Top 10 benefits of a one-box Multi-Band solution:

  1. One link to plan. Instead of designing two independent links (one microwave and one E-Band), with Aviat’s one-box Multi-Band and our free online Design tool, you can quickly and easily design your Multi-Band link in a few clicks, with a single integrated result for throughput and availability for the combined system. Check out Aviat Design by registering at www.aviatcloud.com.
  2. One box to order/single SKU. Ordering a one-box Multi-Band system could not be easier. All you need is the radio, multi-band antenna, and a few cables and licenses, and you are all set! No separate radios, extra cables or mounting accessories needed. If you are based in the USA or the European Union you can also order your WTM 4800 one-box Multi-Band with a few clicks from the Aviat Store, and get delivery in as little as 24 hours*. Check out Aviat Store by registering at www.aviatcloud.com.
  3. Save on shipping. One box means lower shipping, handling, and storage costs. It’s that simple.
  4. Save on installation. Instead of hauling two (or three) radios, plus a chunk of metal mounting, up the tower, it’s one box. Unless you like the workout of lifting the additional 10 kilos or so, but then there is the gym for that.
  5. One box to configure and commission. Other Multi-Band solutions often utilize microwave and E-Band radios that aren’t even from the same product line, so the configuration tools for each could be very different. At the very least you have two network elements, two IP addresses, two switches, and QoS settings to configure separately. With one-box Multi-Band, you have one GUI/CLI user interface, with everything on one screen, to cut time and potential configuration errors to a minimum.
  6. Zero footprint. Aviat’s WTM 4800 one-box Multi-Band is all-outdoor, so it requires no rack space indoors. Other solutions may need an indoor unit to perform the traffic aggregation and to support high-speed 10 GE interfaces. That’s one more box to be shipped, installed, and configured.
  7. Integrated traffic aggregation. Multi-Band needs to support traffic or link aggregation, to combine and balance traffic between the microwave and E-Band links. When the latter degrades and falls out of service, the (Layer 1) Link Aggregation algorithm needs to seamlessly maintain the most important high priority traffic over the microwave path, and then restore full capacity when the E-Band link recovers. With one-box Multi-Band, this is all integrated and seamless – there is nothing to set up. It just works out of the (one) box.
  8. One radio to manage and maintain. Management and maintenance are simplified with one-box and one network element to monitor, which means one radio to troubleshoot, one single exchangeable unit.
  9. One radio on the tower. If you are like an increasing number of operators around the world that don’t own their tower assets, you know that leasing tower space can be expensive, and is typically based on the number of antennas, radio units and even cables going up the tower. One-box Multi-Band can lead to big savings on tower-related lease costs compared to other solutions that may need multiple antennas, radios, cables, and even indoor units or cabinets.
  10. Lower profile. In urban environments, solutions need to have the smallest possible visible profile, to minimize planning and local authority approvals. Easier approval means faster time to revenue. A low profile Multi-Band radio, directly mounted to the antenna using a unique slip-fit design, is preferable to a large multi-box assembly and mount.

Contact your local Aviat Sales Rep and ask for a product demonstration or trial, and see for yourself why a one-box Multi-Band solution makes so much sense.

*24-hour delivery is available in the USA only and is dependent on availability of stock. Aviat Store will be introduced in other regions in the future. Please contact your local Aviat Sales Representative for further information.

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