LTE Capacity Shortfall: Why Small Cell Backhaul is the Answer?

With exploding demand for mobile broadband services, networks must evolve to meet expanding capacity and coverage demands. Small cells are emerging as a viable technology. This paper reviews how backhaul for small cells will need to adjust to meet the specific challenges for small cell deployment.


    Palmira May 11, 2011/

    Superb information! I have been seeking something similar to this Small Cell Backhaul blog for some time. Regards, Palmira

    Rakesh Tiwari June 12, 2011/

    Where does TV White Space fit in the whole schema of wireless broadband access/backhaul?

    themobilebroadband July 9, 2011/

    I really value this info. Thanks for posting this one. I also have this query: Why is it that the answer for LTE capacity shortfall is the small cell backhaul?

    aviatnetworks July 11, 2011/

    For the United States, the technical requirements for white space channels that were part of the analog TV spectrum allocation have not been defined by the FCC as of yet. Don’t expect to see the requirements announced for at least three years and the technologies that will be able to exploit them.

    aviatnetworks July 14, 2011/

    Hello Diane,

    Small cell backhaul is only part of the answer for LTE capacity shortfall. In-home femto cells, WiFi offloading, caching and other technologies will all play a part in solving the LTE capacity shortfall. There will not be a universal solution.

    Aviat Networks

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