September 10, 2019

The Benefits of a Subscription-Based Upgrade Agreement

The Benefits of a Subscription-Based Upgrade Agreement

It’s not uncommon for public safety agencies to make one-time purchases of microwave technology and then leave the network untouched for years.

Outdated networks can lack the capacity and functionality needed to meet the changing needs of stakeholders and customers. They’re more likely to experience issues as customer services evolve. Recurring updates also ensure continued interoperability with other evolving equipment in the network, further reducing failures.

Aviat’s Microwave Upgrade Agreement (MUA) is a long-term network upgrade plan. It typically runs ten years, providing regular, seamless technology upgrades and high-value options, delivered with superior reliability and comprehensive service and support. With small annual payments, the subscription model offers cost assurance, minimizes the impact on operating expense, and can even lower OPEX significantly over the life of the agreement.

Major features of the MUA include:

  • New hardware and software upgrades as they become available.
  • New RF and networking technologies that can empower and transform your networks, such as high-power radios, capacity expansion, software-defined networking (SDN), and advanced routing protocols, such as IP/MPLS.
  • Seamless field upgrades, including design, engineering, installation, testing, and training.
  • Optional life-cycle extras, including 24×7 support, remote monitoring, advanced replacement, and other value-add services.
  • Future-proof your network, from a performance and equipment standpoint.
  • Savings on vendor management, RFP issuance, consultants, etc.
  • Savings due to cost of performance degradation or equipment obsolescence.

The core benefit of an MUA is the advantage of acquiring new technologies applied to your network as they come to market via a program that gives your business an economic advantage over your competition—meaning lower OPEX over the life of your network. In doing so, you leave behind the old dilemma: do I break the bank this year on a big one-off upgrade, or do I continue to limp along with capabilities that don’t match my competition’s? That’s never a satisfying choice.

An MUA immediately enhances network performance. Your network will become current quickly and stay current. Advanced performance monitoring and regular maintenance ensure that your network will be fully maintained and supported throughout the agreement.

You can also say goodbye to those time-consuming processes to justify CAPEX funding with large investments every ten to fifteen years. With an MUA, small, annual OPEX expenditures simplify your funding plan. And while cost assurance and spreading costs are important, those aren’t the only fiscal advantages. Savings can add up to multiple millions of dollars over the life cycle of your network.

Top features of the MUA include 24x7x365 tech support; anytime software access and self-install; hardware repair and advance replacement; network analysis and optimization; technology upgrades for both network and RF hardware; installation and integration; training—the list goes on.

An MUA gives you full operational confidence and eliminates the uncertainty of whether your network will continue supporting your needs into the future.

Talk to one of our representatives to get more details on how an Aviat MUA can bring peace of mind.


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