July 19, 2017

Plan Your Microwave Network From the Cloud: Free Path Design Software from Aviat

Plan Microwave Network from the Cloud

Aviat has been rolling out free microwave path engineering software to customers and partners in varying forms since 1986. You may have been familiar with Starlink software – which estimated multipath performance and rain availability for line-of-sight 5-38GHz digital microwave radio hops and was designed specifically for initial path estimates.

Plan Your Microwave Network From the Cloud: Free Path Design Software from AviatStarlink is no longer available. For those of you not aware, last year Aviat released a replacement – a free cloud-based application in AviatCloud called “Design.” Some features and benefits of Design app are below:

  • Quick & Easy: Nothing to download, no pathloss files to worry about, access anywhere, anytime
  • Intuitive: Adjust parameters on the fly to optimize performance, generate path profiles, Google-maps interface
  • Familiar: Report generation in “Pathloss” format
  • Accurate: using Aviat’s Starlink libraries and algorithms

To access Aviat’s Design App, just login to AviatCloud at www.aviatcloud.com and start using it for free today.

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What does this mean for you?

Exciting news! We have completed our acquisition of Redline Communications, a highly respected provider of wireless access systems to the utilities, energy, and transportation markets. The combination of our two companies expands our product portfolio, enables us to better serve our mutual customers, and grows our presence in the global marketplace. Over the coming months, Aviat and Redline customers will realize significant benefits from this acquisition.

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