What is Packet Microwave?

“Packet Microwave” radio systems continue to enjoy a lot of coverage and hype within our market. But it helps to understand exactly what packet Microwave is, including its benefits and limitations, and how Packet Microwave compares to Hybrid radios. We created a white paper a while ago to address these issues, and since it is still relevant today we are highlighting it again.

The paper provides a clear definition of this technology and also answers the following questions:

  • What features should you expect from Next Generation microwave radios?
  • How does Packet Microwave it differ from Hybrid microwave transport?
  • Is Packet Microwave ‘All-IP’ or ‘IP-Only’?
  • Do hybrid systems meet the requirements of packet microwave?
  • What is the best approach for operators trying to choose a microwave solution?



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