November 19, 2019

Simplify the Budgeting and Funding Process for your Public Safety Network with Aviat’s Microwave Upgrade Agreement (MUA)

Simplify The Budgeting and Funding Process for Your Public Safety Network with Aviat’s Microwave Upgrade Agreement (MUA)

While public safety networks have much in common, each agency experiences a unique set of challenges in two areas: financing periodic system-wide upgrades and keeping their networks running optimally over the life of the network. One challenge they all share is securing big-dollar funding to avoid obsolescence while continuing to provide advanced services to their operational and emergency agencies.

—as much as a 25% savings!

That’s why the Aviat Microwave Upgrade Agreement (MUA) flexibly combines equipment upgrades (CAPEX) with lifecycle maintenance (OPEX). While each MUA is tailored to the needs of the operator, a significant portion of the agreement will always be an advanced technology component that protects the network from obsolescence down the line, as the contract nears its end. The cost of the future expenditure is folded into the fixed annual cost of the MUA. The CAPEX savings can be substantial as opposed to spending on new equipment when the need is pressing—as much as a 25 percent savings!

Key benefits are cost assurance over time and overall cost reduction. Rather than requesting tens of millions of dollars for system-wide upgrades both now and in the future, an operator can budget now for half that total cost and finance the future upgrade as part of the agreement, with fixed and modest annual fees. In many organizations this can be an easier financial hurdle to clear than the big-dollar requests.

There is also the danger that an agency’s large CAPEX request will be denied, which could mean delaying the network upgrade for up to several years. That means years where the organization’s critical missions might be significantly under-supported with serious consequences, such as inadequate public safety response, internal complaints, and public reputation.

The Aviat Networks MUA

Our MUA typically runs ten years, providing regular, seamless technology upgrades and high-value options, delivered with superior Aviat reliability and comprehensive service and support. In addition to the CAPEX savings already mentioned, our subscription model minimizes impact on operating expense and can even lower OPEX significantly over the life of the agreement.

Major features of our MUA include:

  • New hardware and software upgrades as they become available
  • New RF and networking technologies that can empower and transform your network, such as high-power radios, capacity expansion, software-defined networking (SDN), and advanced routing protocols, such as IP/MPLS
  • Seamless field upgrades, including design, engineering, installation, testing, and training
  • Optional lifecycle extras, including 24×7 support, remote monitoring, advanced replacement, and other value-add services


The specific method of funding for public safety agencies is always a challenge. Regardless of whether or not user fees are charged for network access, Aviat’s MUA can simplify the funding process and turn a multi-million dollar CAPEX request into a simple yearly OPEX payment that can be more easily worked into city/county/state budgeting processes.

Talk to one of our representatives to get more details on how the Aviat MUA can give you the best of both worlds—CAPEX and OPEX savings, cost assurance over many years, easier budgeting, and guaranteed prevention of obsolescence.

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