THE Mobile Marketplace: Towers, Small Cells and Backhaul

CTIA: The Wireless Association held its annual show in Las Vegas, May 21-23, 2013. Photo credit: @jbtaylor / / CC BY

CTIA: The Wireless Association held its annual show in Las Vegas, May 21-23. Photo credit: @jbtaylor / / CC BY

This week, Aviat Networks participated in the very well attended CTIA 2013 wireless and mobile trade show in Las Vegas. The theme for this year’s event was “THE Mobile Marketplace” with various areas of focus dealing with applications, devices and, of course, infrastructure. LTE, backhaul and small cells were once again important infrastructure-related topics during the event.

Aviat was a Platinum Sponsor of the Tower & Small Cell Summit—a sub-conference program composed of presentations, panels and case studies on wireless backhaul, mobile video, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), small cells, 4G and residential tower builds. I spoke on a panel at this event and shared our views on small cell evolution, including our thoughts on the migration of the mobile network to the Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN) architecture—if interested in this topic, please register for our upcoming webinars: North America or Europe, Middle East, Africa.

In addition, this show also paid significant attention to FirstNet—the nationwide public safety LTE network here in the United States. Aviat’s Ronil Prasad shared Aviat’s perspective on FirstNet, options for network sharing to reduce costs and best practices for building mission-critical backhaul networks for public safety LTE (with our 60-year history in public safety and our deployments in some of the largest LTE networks in the world, we are uniquely qualified to talk on this topic).

In addition, Aviat’s meeting facility experienced a constant flow of customers, industry analysts and partners, which kept Aviat staff on its toes for the entire event. Overall, it was a great show and Aviat was happy to participate to share our views on some of the most exciting new topics in mobile networks in the U.S.

Gary Croke
Director, Marketing and Communications
Aviat Networks


    Mariano A. Cannon May 28, 2013/

    With NPSTC, TCCA, ETSI Technical Committee TETRA and other organizations backing LTE there is now a clear global consensus that LTE will be the baseline technology for next generation broadband public safety networks.

    Casey Z. Boyd June 12, 2013/

    Seven public safety entities received $300 million in federal grants to fund individual private LTE network deployments. While many of these networks were scheduled to be operating in 2012, NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration) halted the process, to ensure that the FirstNet board provided its input to these early deployments which will eventually help in better planning the nationwide rollout of public safety LTE. Recent signs of outreach from the FirstNet board indicate that the process is moving in a positive direction and the first networks should start operating live in the first half of 2013.

    aviatnetworks June 18, 2013/

    The BTOP’s Public Safety grants are in the process of being renegotiated by the FirstNet Board with the grant holders. There may be some significant changes of direction from the original BTOP’s plans as the FirstNet Board tries to align the objectives of these programs with the evolving objectives of FirstNet. Clearly these investments offer the opportunity for the entire public safety community to learn from the initial LTE deployments. We believe the grants will be turned on over the next month, and any new RFQs (to adapt to any planned changes) should be out promptly.

    Randy Jenkins
    Director, Business Development
    Aviat Networks

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