Top 11 Ways to Survive Mobile World Congress

  • Unless you want to stand in line for 2+ hours, print and bring your fast track pass. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.
  • Pick up your badge Saturday or Sunday or be prepared for a long wait Monday morning. Bring your confirmation email for added time savings.
  • Foot soak after a long day on the show floor can become a necessity by day 3.
  • Catalan is widely used in Barcelona, be prepared for some locals to not understand your Spanish.
  • A small bit of laundry detergent works great if you have to wash something in your hotel sink, trust me it happens!
  • The day before the show, scout out coffee shops within walking distance of your hotel and the closest Metro line. You will thank us later.
  • If you check your luggage, make sure you carry on at least one outfit for the show. You don’t want to show up for that million dollar meeting in a $50 suit bought last minute at the corner shop by your hotel.
  • Most restaurants don’t open up until 9 or 10pm. Pre-dinner naps are encouraged!
  • Don’t bring your laptop to the show floor and if you do, guard it with your life!
  • Conversion power plugs are like gold bars on the show floor. Bring an extra for your hotel… or two.
  • Charge your devices every chance you get, international travel seems to burn through battery quicker.

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