Wrap Up of Carrier Ethernet World Asia Pacific

CEW APAC 2011This year Carrier Ethernet World (CEW) Asia Pacific (APAC) took place from Nov. 30 – Dec. 2 at the Resorts World Convention Centre in Singapore. Around 320 delegates attended; most were local operators. However, there was representation from other APAC countries, in particular Malaysia and Indonesia.

Aviat Networks was the sole microwave radio solutions provider at the event and Steve Loebrich, Director Product & Solutions Marketing, spoke on the subject of “simplifying the network to enable high capacity services”. It was interesting that the Chinese vendors did not attend.

The main theme of the event was cloud computing and how can it generate additional revenue for operators. Another hot discussion topic was synchronization and its challenges. Most operators in Asia prefer 1588v2 due to its simplicity in implementation; however some operators have chosen to implement both 1588v2 and sync Ethernet in their network.

Unlike previous years there were no debates on MPLS traffic engineering technology to adopt VPLS, T-MPLS or MPLS-TP etc. This year, the major operators were advocating not to build overly complex networks offering next generation services. As an example, one major operator has chosen to adopt PBB in its access layer for corporate services.

Yeu Ping Lee
Product Marketing
Aviat Networks

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