July 11, 2018

Unified Fiber-Microwave Transport for 5G Networks

Unified Fiber-Microwave Transport for 5G Networks

A Vision from Aviat and Ciena

The arrival of 5G services will bring significant change to the way we consume bandwidth. Already, even well before 5G is rolled out, video comprises over one half of all network traffic and is predicted to exceed two thirds of all bandwidth by 2020. Whether it is the Internet of things, ultra-reliable low latency applications, connected vehicles or fixed wireless services the 5G network promises a lot of benefit, but also demands much of the infrastructure needed to support it. From spectrum, to semiconductors, to standards, the technologies needed to deliver all that bandwidth must evolve to keep up.

The same is true of the mobile transport network. Current investments in 4G backhaul have continued as operators “pre-build” the capacity of their backhaul networks well in advance of 5G itself. Fiber and microwave both have their place in modern 4G and 5G transport networks however they traditionally have not been well integrated leading to operational challenges and higher costs. With 5G, it’s essential we change that.

Experts at Aviat and Ciena have put their heads together and developed a series of recommendations for unifying the transport networks in preparation for 5G. Operators that deploy fiber and microwave networks for mobile backhaul can deploy the right solution for all scenarios to meet the varying demands of 4G and 5G transport networks while simplifying their networks at the same time.

Whether the priority is lowest cost, fastest deployment, or highest capacity, unifying your fiber-microwave transport network offers the following benefits:

  • Flexibility to deploy the right technology for every application
  • Proven interoperability across domains for flexible network buildouts and guaranteed performance/reliability
  • Seamless operations across domain so regardless if your transport is microwave or fiber,
    management is easy and uniform across your entire infrastructure
  • Unified automation framework to simplify fiber and microwave networks

Click here to download the paper to learn more about unifying your fiber and microwave transport networks…

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