February 8, 2023

VSAT vs Aviat’s Wireless Access Solutions

VSAT vs Aviat’s Wireless Access Solutions

In today’s fast-paced world, oil and gas companies are struggling with rising inflation and are seeking ways to boost ROI, streamline operations, improve safety, and strengthen security. However, the limitations of traditional narrowband networks and VSAT backhauls are making it difficult for them to implement modern technology.

VSAT, which was once seen as a viable solution, no longer offers the capacity and latency that the modern oil and gas industry needs. Additionally, it is costly and primarily caters to telecommunications service providers, providing last-mile services in rural residential areas without infrastructure.

In contrast, Aviat’s industrial wireless access products, Virtual Fiber and Private LTE platforms, are specifically designed to the specifications of the oil and gas industry. They offer reliable high-capacity and low latency that mission-critical networks depend on. Aviat’s equipment also has lower operating costs than VSAT, and our wireless access products do not require monthly service contracts or a minimum number of subscribers.

Furthermore, Aviat’s wireless access platforms use industrial-grade hardware that is built to withstand harsh environments for long periods of time. To learn more about Aviat’s wireless access solutions, download our whitepaper VSAT vs Aviat's Wireless Access Solutions.

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