May 3, 2017

Want to Buy American? What you should look for…

Want to Buy American? What you should look for…

For many of us, choosing American-made goods means supporting American jobs and local economies. Beyond this, for many, it means high quality, more innovative products. For others it may mean more access to local support and services. These are all benefits of choosing to “Buy American” however, it’s often difficult to know what to look for when purchasing with “Buy American” in mind?

Here are a few key considerations to help with this decision process:

Company HQ: First and foremost, local headquarters means local jobs. Executive, management, finance, administration and many other types of positions go hand in hand with HQ location. It also means, the company is paying American taxes and supporting local economies. To tell if your supplier is headquartered in the USA, just check their website!

Product Design: American innovation is second to none and with products designed in USA, you are not only supporting local engineering and design jobs, but you also get some of the most innovative products. For design, local presence also means a better understanding the US market – this means products can be built with US market needs in mind, rather than taking products designed for international markets and trying to force them (mostly with no product changes), onto US customers. With this knowledge, products can be designed for the US market from the ground up. To find out if your products are designed in the USA, just ask!

System Design: Beyond product design, especially when it comes to wireless networks, customers often require complete network solutions to be specifically designed with their custom needs in mind. Local presence enables customers to easily meet with engineers to have complex network solutions designed specifically for them. This is not possible without strong American presence.

USA Manufacturing: In-country manufacturing means more manufacturing jobs here in the USA. In addition, USA manufacturing quality is very high and is among the world’s best for manufacturing processes and procedures. In addition to these things, in country manufacturing often means faster and easier shipping and more access to facilities in event of problems or changes. To tell if you’re goods are made in the USA, again just ask!

Local Support and Services: Local support means you are looked after by someone who understands nuances of the environment and your concerns and has knowledge to adapt to your needs, ultimately leading to better levels of support. When something goes wrong, it’s important you have someone to call who understands you and can work with local manufacturing and support facilities to address issues in a timely manner. Local support means you can readily get people on the phone, within your region, that speak the same language, and have the same interests in mind with escalation to technical experts and R&D people that are based in USA… And did we mention local jobs?


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