What to look for in a microwave radios and accessories online store

What to look for in a microwave radios and accessories online store

Whether you need to buy one microwave link, one hundred or who knows – one thousand!? You want the ordering process to go as smoothly as possible, and you want a one-stop-shop where you can purchase your radios, antennas, licenses and accessories. When selecting your microwave online store you’ll want to look for specific features including:

Next-day shipping

If the online store provides next-day shipping, this will be a time and money saver for you. You won’t have to incur warehousing costs to store radios, this ensures that you always have the latest technology on hand. No need to discard outdated equipment and accessories.
Aviat provides next-day shipping for items in stock, and 3-5 days shipping for items not in stock.
Dedicated stock is an option, subject to agreed Terms & Conditions.

12-hour turnaround for software orders

A 12-hour turnaround for software orders allows you to configure your network much quicker.
Aviat provides a 12-hour turnaround on all software orders.

Various payment methods

The ideal online store can accept various payment methods, such as credit cards, sales order and purchase orders (PO).
Aviat can accept blanket purchase orders (PO) – this reduces paper processing, which in turns reduces customer’s overhead, subject to agreed Terms & Conditions.

Dynamic lead times

Dynamic lead times allow you to estimate shipping time of each part based on the quantity ordered, so you can be better prepared and organized for the installation portion of your links.
New feature in Aviat Store! Watch video to learn more

Partial (split) shipments

Partial (split) shipments give you the flexibility to strategically plan deliveries around your business needs, and in most cases, reduces lead times on large orders.
New feature in Aviat Store! Watch video to learn more

Look for online store with a guided order process such as Aviat Store

Guided order process

You’ll want to make sure that the online store you are choosing has a guided order process (configurator). This process takes you through the main ordering phases. Starting from your location and the type of equipment you are looking for, then guiding you through the selection of the radio(s), antenna(s), accessories and finally your required license(s). Our configurator allows you to automatically select the matching end radio, thus, automatically selecting the correct end radio, and negating errors in ordering.
Watch video to learn more

Kits – pre-configured link bundles

Kits provide you a one-click solution to quickly order a pre-configured link bundle complete with radios, antennas, license features, and related accessories all at a low price compared to ordering individually. These bundles will streamline the ordering process while ensuring material compatibility.
New feature in Aviat Store!

Integrated path planning and design

Our integrated path planning and design feature streamlines the network purchasing process. This integration simplifies the entire process as it gives you the ability to design your microwave network and export the resulting bill of materials, which is then used for your online order.

Save/ share/ re-order features

The ability to save an order and re-visit it at a later time can be a huge time saver. The share feature can be used if you are part of an ordering team, in case you need to share your bill of materials with colleagues prior to completing the order. And lastly, the re-order feature allows you to quickly order previously purchased items, saving you even more time.
Watch video to learn more

Online order tracking and visibility

The online store you pick should give you the ability to track your order, from the time you process the order — to the time it is delivered to your destination.
Aviat Store provides order tracking, anytime, anywhere.

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