October 23, 2020

Whitepaper: FAS Finds Interference…Now What?

FAS finds 6GHz interference

Aviat’s new service offering helps you quickly find and address interference issues to protect your network. Aviat’s FAS (Frequency Assurance Software) offers sophisticated, well-tested monitoring and analysis of unlicensed 6 GHz—and can trigger corrective action to protect link stability.

Frequency Assurance Software (FAS) is a direct response to the FCC ruling to open up the 6 GHz band to unlicensed users. It’s a comprehensive solution designed to protect customers from pending radio local area network (RLAN) deployments in the 6 GHz band. Hosted FAS is based on this custom-built FAS Expert System. In addition to providing customers with a self-service portal to view their interference events and trends, Hosted FAS will also deliver analysis from Aviat engineers on interference issues. For more complicated interference issues, Aviat is ready to offer field investigation services (IDS – Interference Diagnostic Service) for both Continuous & Intermittent interference issues.

This whitepaper details the steps taken during an interference diagnostic. It reviews the possible impact on interference levels, taking the Aviat Eclipse as an example. Two options are reviewed:

  1. If muting of the transmitters is allowed, and
  2. If muting the transmitters and interrupting traffic is not an option

About Aviat’s FAS Field Investigation Offering

with FAS

  • Remote assistance via TAC or NOC
  • Troubleshooting help for your staff
  • Interpreting FAS reports
  • Recommendations on next steps


  • Single link investigation in the field – 1 day per link
  • Spectrum analyzer included
  • Aviat will submit data to Comsearch for interference research


  • Single link investigation in the field – multiple days may be required per link
  • Spectrum analyzer included
  • Aviat will submit data to Comsearch for interference research

*Aviat’s Interference Diagnostic Services (IDS) – Services For Fee (SFF)
Note: The FCC has not yet published formal guidance for remediation, so the IDS offerings may change. As this situation evolves, Aviat Networks will work with you to adapt to the new guidance for remediation.

Aviat will research the interference for you and engage Comsearch on your behalf. Contact your Aviat salesperson for more details.

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