WISPAPALOOZA: After the Show

The annual WISPAPALOOZA conference has come to an end, and a key takeaway from the show is the growth potential for WISPs. What started as a small conference with only a few booths has now grown to 2000+ attendees and 600+ exhibitors.

As much as the show is improving and space for the WISP business is expanding, the sentiment from a few small companies was that they still struggled with procurement issues from vendors. They received the products they needed but the time that it took and the poor service they received was still a complicated process, and in some cases, non-existent.

Small businesses expressed a need to have a quicker turn-around purchasing process. In a world that revolves around instant-gratification and two-day shipping as the norm, no one can wait 3-6 weeks for a product anymore. What the industry currently lacks are solutions to meet the capacity challenge and procurement issues from vendors. The small businesses also commented on the services they received after their products were delivered. From training to support to set up, many times there was little to no guidance or help after the fact.

Luckily, Aviat is leading the way in such improvements for these companies and is filling this void. 24/7 USA-based support? Check. Next-day shipping? Check. Online ordering? Check. Starting with the ultra-high capacity WTM4000, Aviat is beginning to explore the online store space with their new, AviatStore. Aviat is looking at things differently, turning the microwave and wireless industry on its head. Our goal is to help the small business owner be more successful, improving their business operations to move more quickly and more intelligently.



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